Child Island

The island with no adults!

Child Island takes your children off your hands... and surrounds them with the ocean!

Child Island is the world’s only isolated landmass occupied 100% by children. It’s a breathtaking natural sanctuary where kids can be themselves 24/7 with zero adult interference! No adults have ever been, or will ever go to Child Island – that’s our Child Only Guarantee™.

An Island of Beauty

with zero adults

Child Island is a temperate, forested island located in the Northeast Pacific Ocean.

With innate beauty untouched by the hands of any adult, Child Island is a one of a kind natural retreat.

Deep in International Waters, our island is beyond the jurisdiction of any national government. Not only does this keep children safe from repressive federal regulations, it protects parents from archaic child welfare laws.

We are unable to disclose the exact location of Child Island to parents until they have completed payment and signed a non-disclosure agreement.

lance gack, CEO of Child island

Our Story

The story of Child Island starts way back in 2011 when esteemed entrepreneur Lance Gack purchased a remote Pacific island to strip mine for cadmium, a valuable heavy metal. While costly satellite spectrometry confirmed that the island was extremely rich in cadmium, it proved to be so remote that mining would never be profitable. For years, Gack’s investment lay fallow.

Then, in the wake of 2020’s global pandemic, Gack noticed millions of parents struggling to entertain/tolerate their children while stuck at home. He saw this for what it was – a gap in the market. Lance Gack courageously rebranded his property as Child Island, which became an overnight success and boon to parents worldwide.

Book Now!

Three great pricing tiers

Just the island

Unlimited access to Child Island for one child, transportation not included.


Unlimited access to Child Island for one child plus one year of food air dropped onto the island. That’s only $250 per month to feed your child!


Unlimited access to Child Island with FIVE YEARS of air dropped food. PLUS each air drop will include a new toy or survival tool for your child!

Getting There

Unfortunately, Child Island does not currently offer transportation services. Nevertheless, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your kids where they need to be. Below are some options for transportation to the island.

Container Ship

Most economical

A number of container ships follow sea lanes that pass near (but not too near) Child Island. Many of these offer reduced rates for passengers.

Private Charter

Reliable & Easy

If you’re worried about the trouble your child could get up to on a container ship, consider chartering a private boat to take your child to the island. It’s more expensive, but less hassle.

Air Drop

Fast & Direct

The most direct route to Child Island is always by air. While we haven’t had any luck getting private planes to drop kids onto the island, that doesn’t mean that none of them will!

Note: To maintain the Child Only Guarantee™, no adults are allowed within 1000 meters of Child Island. We’ve found that most container ships and charter vessels are glad to sell their lifeboats so that your children can safely row to shore.

Boy Island & Girl Island

two small islands on a bigger island

If you want your child to have a more traditional experience, Child Island has you covered! In the center of Child Island is a small lake containing two distinct landmasses. We’ve named these Boy Island and Girl Island, and while we have no way of getting your children onto these islands or enforcing gender separation, we firmly believe you can trust your children to self-separate.

Frequently Asked Questions

No adults have ever set foot on the island, including the contractors and engineers that would be necessary for installation of basic infrastructure like water, power, and sanitation. That does not mean that these amenities do not exist, only that if they do, they are child-made.

While some may argue that children lack the expertise to build things like indoor plumbing or electrical generators, it’s our belief that the imagination of children can accomplish anything.

Child Island accommodates any child who can walk, talk, and eat without assistance, all the way up to teenagers.

No. In Lord of the Flies, a group of boys are forced to live on an island because of a plane accident. On Child Island, both boys and girls are forced to live on an island because their parents sent them there.

Satellite imagery shows no evidence of human settlement and no extant shipping logs reference landings on the island.

While we are unable to confirm through archeological evidence that prehistoric people never set foot on Child Island (because all archeologists are adults), the remoteness of the landmass has led researchers to conclude that early human settlement on the island was extremely unlikely.

We don’t offer communication services at this time, though parents are welcome to contact their children through privately-contracted skywriters. To check if your child has attempted to message you through rocks arranged on the beach, we will happily sell you our latest satellite images of the island.

The chances of a child making it to their 18th birthday on Child Island are extremely slim. However, if you can prove that your child is alive and over 18 on the Island, we’ll gladly refund your money.

Children are expected to find their own way off the island when they’re ready to come home. For a premium fee, we will airdrop your child plans for making a rudimentary raft.

Contact Us

While we’ve worked hard to address any questions or misgivings you might have about Child Island, there’s a chance we might have missed something! If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to our lawyer, Pablo Arbuckle at